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  Lowe's EDI  


For our business partners with Traditional EDI capabilities, Lowe’s requires compliance on all of our EDI transactions.  You will find links to EDI information, specifications and business examples below for our Traditional EDI partners. 

     EDI QUICK REFERENCE -- Contact Information, EDI profile, Inbound and Outbound processing schedule
     Vendor EDI Registration -- Partner registration form for new and existing vendors
     Carrier EDI Registration -- Partner registration form for new and existing carriers
  Lowe's EDI Specifications and Business Examples  


**Please note that there are unique guides per vendor type.  Don't assume that if the document number is the same that the guide itself is the same. For example, the 850 is listed under Procurement, Special Order, and Stock Vendors.  Each of these guides is different.  You would need to select the appropriate guide for your vendor type.**

     Approved Reverse Purchase Order Vendors
     FDC Vendors - Consignment and Stock Products
     Procurement (Expense Vendor - products not for resale)
     Special Order/CommerceHub
     Stock Vendor
     Transportation Carrier
  Traditional EDI Information  


This section includes the EDI communication on changes to our EDI data requirements for future reference by our Traditional EDI partners.  All changes to our EDI documents should also be reflected in our EDI specifications.

     EDI Reverse PO Vendors - Reserved Purchase Order Number Reset
     EDI Reverse PO Vendors – Changes to Lowe’s RP Reference Number in the EDI 855 Reverse PO Transactions
     Notification of Lowe’s EDI Stock PO Schedule Change

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