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  Vendor Onboarding Information  


To aide in the onboarding of new vendors, we have pulled the information below together to help answer some of the initial questions vendors might have.  If you need access to LowesLink®, please register for a LowesLink® account using the instructions found here.

EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) Information: 

EDI Onboarding

Compliance Information:

Compliance Onboarding

Item Set-Up Information:

Resources for Item Set-Up:

Supply Chain Information:

Supply Chain Information

Additional Supply Chain Resources:

Name Of Document:  New Vendor Information 

Description:  This document provides a high-level checklist for new vendors to utilize during the Supply Chain on-boarding process.  This document will primarily apply to domestic vendors with stock items.

Name Of Document:  Supply Chain Webinars 

Description:  This document currently provides new vendors with information about the webinars that are available as well as directions on how to sign up for the upcoming webinars.

Enterprise Quality Assurance Information:

Enterprise Quality Assurance

Lowe's Pro Services Information:

Pro Services Onboarding

Additional Resources:

Lowe's Global Sourcing Information:

LG Sourcing LowesLink® 


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